September 2019

Who would have imagined that in a month where Parliament was prorogued and a no deal Brexit still lingered, with all the challenges that brings for the egg industry, it would not make the top two issues affecting egg producers this month?

I will leave those challenges for others to cover in this Ranger – where they are able to do so. However, there are reports that the egg market is picking up slightly earlier than expected. Whilst some producers have seen price decreases, others have had a stay due to those packers winning new contracts and now needing egg. A few months’ ago, I would have dismissed claims of any egg price in the seventies – now there are reports of egg producers in the high sixties – an unsustainable price which can only lead to ruin. Whichever way you turn your balance sheet you cannot make an egg price in the seventies never mind the sixties.

Tickets are now available for the BFREPA Conference at the NEC, Birmingham on the 15th October via the BFREPA website, the theme is ‘Fit for the Future’.