Livetec Launches New App for Poultry Farmers to Get Ahead of Bird Flu

Published on : 16 Jun 2023

The Livetec Systems App is a disease management mobile app which helps farmers get ahead of the spread of AI

New app for poultry farmers and backyard keepers will improve disease reporting and tracking to help limit the spread of disease as government continues to impose strict rules amid worst ever outbreak.

An industry-first app from biosecurity leaders, Livetec launches today with a promise to help poultry farmers and backyard keepers get ahead of the spread of bird flu amid the UK’s ongoing outbreak.

The Livetec Systems App is a disease management mobile app which helps farmers get ahead of the spread of AI and provides the tools they need to manage and protect their livestock. It comes amid the worst ever outbreak of avian influenza in the UK, with tough laws imposed by government to try and curb the devastating spread.

Designed as an easy-to-use tool which can accompany farmers throughout their day-to-day activities, the Livetec Systems App has been created using Livetec’s signature lab to farm philosophy to bring contemporary technology to over a decade’s real-world experience on farm.

Calling on its extensive knowledge of avian influenza, the Livetec Systems App empowers early detection and quick response to animal health issues with a wealth of intuitive, practical features including real-time outbreak notifications and reporting:

• Real-time outbreak notifications alert farmers if their business is located within an identified outbreak zone and provide guidance on the measures to be taken immediately to protect their flocks.

• Outbreak reporting is also simplified thanks to the built-in reporting tool. Any poultry keeper identifying suspicious symptoms within their flock can use the app to quickly and compliantly alert the relevant authorities, helping to prevent further spread.

• Disease outbreak monitoring with an in-app interactive map. Giving users visibility to the national outbreak status throughout the UK, so they can easily see the location of their property and the proximity to current outbreaks and the zones around them, allowing farmers and backyard bird owners to proactively remain vigilant.

Gordon Samet, Commercial Director of Livetec Systems said, “Preparedness is key to protecting poultry. The Livetec Systems App has been created to help farmers and backyard keepers to avoid unnecessary expenses, prevent disease outbreaks, and protect their birds, revenue streams, and reputation. With avian influenza becoming harder to stem, and cases continuing way past the traditional window, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of disease management.

Downloading the app delivers real-time updates on avian influenza outbreaks directly to the palm of the hand, makes it easy to report suspicious symptoms and simplifies the task of knowing what to do, should bird keepers be caught in a disease zone.”

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