Setting the record straight on free range expansion

BFREPA has helped a member get a letter published in Farmers Weekly raising awareness of the unsustainable rate of expansion seen in the free range egg sector.

You can read it below.

If you spot an article on free range eggs in a newspaper or on a website and you would like to respond, contact Ben Pike from Eve Communications for support if required.

Phone: 01327 438 617

Dear Sir,

As a family producing free range eggs for nine years we are concerned your
readers will take false confidence in articles published last week on the rise
in egg consumption (Poultry and eggs buck trend with strong retail growth).

We had always intended to extend our shed to 32,000 but kept a close eye on the
industry and decided to stay as we were while, nearby, sheds housing some
44,000 birds have gone up in the last two years with the new producers already
planning to expand further.

We feel expansion in the industry is out of control. The British Free Range Egg
Producers Association has said the same for two years, and we are already in a
position of price cuts and egg oversupply.

The situation is unsustainable and I would urge anyone thinking about going
into free range – or expanding – to ensure they have access to the real facts
and figures for free range egg production. Consumption is growing, but not half
as quickly as the industry is expanding.