BFREPA Cage Free 2025 Webinar

The British Free Range Egg Producers Association held a webinar for free range egg producers to take part in on 1 October 2020 where two important projects were presented.

ADAS announced the results of its updated Cage Free 2025 report, providing an update on retailers’ cage-free commitments and the impact on free range egg production.

The report’s author, Jason Gittins, detailed his independent findings which include the cost of barn production versus free range, and the likely impact of an increase in barn egg sourcing on the free range sector.

This report will help free range producers to anticipate and prepare for a variety of outcomes.

BFREPA then launched its much-anticipated Costings Portal.

The Portal allows producers to enter their egg price and compare it to the levels that other farmers are receiving.

There is also a huge amount of data and statistics going back 30 years to allow farmers to see how the price of pullets, feed and retail eggs has changed over the years.


Running a free range egg production unit is a 24 hours a day job. But while you are tied up on the farm there are, every day, events taking place that will impact upon the way you make your living.

The supermarkets are setting price levels and launching strategies that will affect your income; legislators in Whitehall are dictating new rules; packers are reviewing costs; and assurance bodies are implementing ever more stringent requirements As an individual it may seem impossible to have any influence over the decisions being made.

But there is a way. Hundreds of producers have already joined together as the British Free Range Egg Producers Association, which for almost 30 years has played a key role in the UK egg industry, influencing legislation, shaping policy and fighting for a fair deal for its members.