Shaping the Future: Salmonella protection from Pullet to Plate

An online event by Elanco

24th September 2020, 12-6pm


The Elanco Poultry Team are delighted to bring you the 2020 Elanco Layer Conference, which this year will focus on Shaping the Future of Food Safety and specifically Salmonella protection throughout the entire food chain.

This virtual event will offer a full afternoon of presentations and webinars by renowned industry leaders, all of whom are featured in this programme. We are also delighted to have Nigel Barden, the renowned food and drink broadcaster, hosting the event.

During the event you will also have access to the FSP Educational Resource Platform which will contain high quality training assets covering fly and rodent control, farm audits, vaccination and best practice protocols. With the key focus on food safety throughout every stage of the journey of the egg, from pullet to plate.

The afternoon will conclude with a live Q&A session at 4.30pm hosted by Nigel Barden where he will be joined by the contributing panel of experts which we would encourage you to join and put forward any questions you may have.


Once registered, you will receive a prompt to join the event just before midday on 24th September.


The programme for the day is as follows:

Welcome Introduction
Nigel Barden

12:00 – 1:30pm Plenary Session 
Food Safety Leadership David Heckman, Elanco
Lion Code – continuing to raise the bar Mark Williams, BEIC
The challenge of biosecurity on farm Robert Gooch, BFREPA

1:30pm – 2:00pm Break 

2:00pm – 4:00pm Webinars and Resources 

The journey continues with this series of webinars. Remember to take notes and register any questions you may have for the live Q&A at 4.30pm.
How does a vaccine make the difference?
James Horner, Elanco
What does a good audit look like? Adam Goddard, Elanco
Elanco Food Safety Program and Index the program and how it works Doris Mueller-Dobblies, Elanco
The Food Safety programme in practice Graham Atkinston, Noble Foods
Insurance considerations Ed Nottingham, Scrutton Bland Insurance

4:00pm – 4.30pm Break 

4:30pm Live Q&A
During your journey you can access our FSP Resource Hub where additionally you will find high quality training assets and guidance to complement the day’s sessions. These can be downloaded to be viewed at your leisure.



Speaker Biographies

David Heckman Elanco Global Marketing Consultant – Poultry

In this role, David is responsible for execution of Elanco’s global marketing strategy working with affiliates and customers around the world. He has held various sales, marketing, market access and supply chain roles within Elanco since joining the company in 1992. He is currently in a Global Poultry Marketing role with global brand management responsibilities for Elanco’s Food Safety Salmonella AviPro Brands. Prior to that, David managed Elanco’s Intestinal Integrity brands, including Maxiban, Monteban and Surmax. In his Market Access role, he focused on developing and executing Elanco’s Global Sustainability strategy. He travels to 50+ countries, listening and learning from production customers, food chain stakeholders, and regulatory authorities.

David serves as a voting member of the International Poultry Council and is active on their Sustainability, Health and Welfare, and Food Safety Working Groups. David is also on the Board of Delegates for the US Grains Council and active on their Innovation and Sustainability Policy A-Team. He previously served on the Asia/Pacific Rim/Latin America/Middle East A-Teams at the Council.

David is keenly interested in all aspects of the food chain. He is involved in the management of a family farm, and when not traveling, he spends weekends in the USA working with a nationally-accredited catering business. David enjoys music and plays six musical instruments. He has been involved in a number of capacities with several theatres and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. His hobbies are focused on fitness, nutrition and hiking with his Labrador Retriever.

Mark Williams Chief Executive, BEIC

Mark is a poultry farmer’s son. After studying at Harper Adams Agricultural College in Shropshire, he managed a large pullet rearing / egg production unit. Following gaining valuable experience, he returned home to expand the business. In 1991, he joined the National Farmers’ Union as a Regional Poultry Adviser in the north of England. In 1995, he was appointed National Egg Specialist. He joined the British Egg Industry Council in 1999 and became Chief Executive in 2000.

He was Secretary-General of EUWEP (the EU trade association for egg packers, egg traders and egg processors) from 1999-2018. He was President of the EU Civil Dialogue Group on Poultry and Eggs on two occasions (2010-12 and 2016-18). He was a Board member of CELCAA (the EU liaison committee for the food trade) from 1999-2018.

He is also a Nuffield Scholar, and was Chairman of the Nuffield Poultry Study Group from May 2012 – May 2015. He was Chairman of the UK Poultry Health and Welfare Group during 2015 and 2016. He was Statistical Adviser to the International Egg Commission from 1996 – 2006.

Robert Gooch BFREPA

Robert is responsible for liaising with all BFREPA’s external stakeholders, including the EU, UK and devolved governments and their agencies, retailers, packers, assurance schemes, and other industry bodies such as the BEIC and NFU.

BFREPA will continue to be vitally important in defending the interests of producers against the increasing influence of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the power of other players in the supply chain.

James Horner Technical Consultant, Elanco

James joined Elanco in 2018 and has worked with the poultry team from then focusing on immunity, Salmonella and gut health. A Vet, James graduated from Liverpool in 2011 and spent 7 years in private practice before joining industry.

Within the Elanco Poultry team, James has supported the development of FSP within the UK and is an advocate of good biosecurity to act as the foundation for any Salmonella prevention strategy. A keen amateur golfer, James’ abilities sadly do not reflect his enthusiasm!

Adam Goddard Elanco Key Account Manager – Poultry

Adams involvement with poultry began the day he was born on a broiler farm. Making it his mission to now stay away from poultry, Adam began his new profession based on his love for arable production, machinery and mechanisation; but then found himself back in the poultry industry after realising chickens aren’t so bad after all. Adam now spends his professional career fighting off one the UK farming industries greatest enemies, Salmonella. Focusing on Elanco’s poultry vaccine range, supporting the correct handling storage and administration of the vaccines.

In his spare time Adam runs his own business supplying a dedicated range of complimentary feeds including liquid vitamins, probiotics, essential oils and organic acids for both pig and poultry. Adam’s favourite things to do involve spending time with his wife Clare and 3 children, as well as shooting and walking his dog Bert.

Doris Mueller-Doblies Elanco

Doris has been with Elanco since 2018, supporting affiliates and customers around the world on food safety issues, specializing on Salmonella in poultry.

She has over 20 years experience in research and surveillance at university and government institutions, working on infectious diseases/zoonoses , as well as 12 years experience in the National Reference Laboratory for salmonellosis at APHA Weybridge, UK, with a focus on Salmonella control in poultry, involved in the National Control Programs for Salmonella in poultry in the UK Doris also has several years experience of leading training activities for EU government veterinarians on behalf of the European commission.

Graham Atkinson Agricultural Director, Noble Foods

After beginning his career in the Royal Navy, Graham moved to working on the family farm in Yorkshire, initially raising ducks for Cherry Valley. Due to the nature of the site they were unable to grow the bird numbers further, so he changed direction to become a poultry feed sales rep for BOCM Pauls in the North of England, which broadened his poultry knowledge as did working as a consultant for feed and a local egg packer. Graham joined Noble Foods in 2010 as Regional

Manager for the North of England, moving to his current position in 2016 heading up the Regional management team looking after Nobles producer base. Outside of work Graham has a love of sport, particularly cricket, as well as walking, gardening, reading, DIY and travel.

Ed Nottingham Director, Scrutton Bland Insurance

Ed has just started his 30th year in the insurance industry. His focus is predominantly agricultural with poultry forming a large part of his day thanks to Scrutton Bland’s association with BFREPA. Along with Sophie, Ed looks for new ways to insure for established risks and focuses on the positive approach that well-run business can have when buying insurance.

Sophie Dunkerley Scrutton Bland Insurance

Sophie has been an insurance underwriter for nearly 20 years, working mainly in the London market. She has a BSc. (Hons) in Animal Science and an MSc. in Business Management for the Food and Agriculture Industries making her well placed to understand the risks posed by animal diseases throughout the food chain. Sophie specialises in innovative new approaches to disease insurance.

Clive Boase Pest Management Consultancy

Clive Boase has spent most of his working life involved with pests of public and animal health importance, in the UK and overseas. He initially worked for a series of multi-national companies on the development and evaluation of novel public health pesticides. Subsequently he established the Pest Management Consultancy, which provides independent technical support to a wide range of organisations concerned with these pests. Recent projects include work with national regulatory agencies involved with pests in livestock, with local regulators, with multinational manufacturers of animal health pesticides, as well as with individual livestock units. As a result, Clive has acquired a well-rounded perspective on invertebrate problems in livestock.

Dave Hodson Jnr Rosehill

Rosehill has worked as part of the poultry industry since the 1970’s and the development of mass vaccination. Today they continue to supply, audit and train all parts of the poultry industry in vaccine storage, handling and administration. The business was started by David Hodson in the 70’s and today his work is continued in the field by Dave Hodson Jnr. who continues to offer field support alongside his wife Georgie and the Rosehill team.

Brady Hudson Killgerm

Brady has a comprehensive chemistry background, particularly within metallurgy and coatings for aeronautical and premium automotive industries due to her experience working in formulation and client services. Following this, Brady entered the pest control industry in 2006, working for a large manufacturing company of rodenticides.

Brady is knowledgeable within her field, obtaining her RSPH Level 2 Pest Management award, with practical experience in both urban and farm control. In 2017, she joined Killgerm as the Business Development Manager, looking after key accounts and projects.