Disease Outbreak Support Scheme

Disease outbreak support in partnership with Livetec


BFREPA teams up with Livetec to offer disease outbreak support scheme

The British Free Range Egg Producers Association has launched a new scheme to help prevent the spread of highly pathogenic diseases, and to support farmers who have to deal with outbreaks.

Working in partnership with Livetec Systems, the association’s members now have access to a Biosecurity Advice & Support Service.

The scheme will provide expert advice on maintaining high levels of biosecurity, as well as discounted rates on crucial services such as depopulation.

For the past three months, cases of avian influenza have been increasing across the UK and have seen nearly two million birds culled on free range egg farms, despite a nationwide housing order being in place.

Livetec Systems will offer free guidance for farmers filling out BFREPA’s avian influenza and salmonella contingency workbook and offer generous discounts on other services such as depopulation and disease risk assessments on a farm’s procedures and property.

BFREPA CEO Robert Gooch said: “No farm wants to suffer from an outbreak of avian influenza or salmonella – the emotional and financial impact can be crippling.

“This new service, which is automatically included as part of BFREPA’s membership, means a team of experts can help farmers focus on preventing disease entering their farm, while also being there for them should the worst happen.

“As an industry, we have to protect ourselves as best we can from these damaging diseases, so this service should be of use to every free range egg farm.”

Both BFREPA and Livetec Systems have stressed the importance of biosecurity coming first in any disease prevention strategy, and every member has been posted a free AI & Salmonella Contingency Workbook in the 2022 BFREPA Yearbook to assess the risk on their farm.

Livetec Systems will help members complete the workbook, or offer general biosecurity advice to ensures farms are as prepared as possible.

This new service complements the free secondary cleaning and disinfection insurance already provided to members as part of their membership.

David Clegg, Business Development Manager at Livetec Systems, said: “We’re delighted to partner with BFREPA to launch our Biosecurity Advice & Support Service, joining our two influential companies in the industry. This service will allow us to support BFREPA members across the UK through a range of services, combining our years of scientifically-backed knowledge, expertise and experience within the field.”

Livetec Systems is extremely well qualified and experienced in dealing with disease outbreaks and has a strong relationship with Defra and the APHA who trust the company to run sites that are impacted, effectively and efficiently. The company manages outbreaks at sites with 22 birds to 350,000 birds, can run multiple jobs simultaneously across the UK and have strategic standby contracts with critical third party providers.

To use the Livetec Helpline, call 01525 623125.