BFREPA AI Insurance Scheme

Specialist Secondary Cleansing & Disinfection cover from Scrutton Bland


AI Insurance from Scrutton Bland


Scrutton Bland has partnered with BFREPA to create a unique and exclusive insurance policy to counter the consequence that Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease, in particular the additional costs of Secondary Cleansing & Disinfection(C&D), poses to their members businesses.

The costs of Secondary C&D following an outbreak of either Avian Influenza or Newcastle Disease on your premises are your responsibility – our unique members insurance can help ease the financial burden.

All BFREPA producer members benefit from a special group Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease insurance package, provided through brokers Scrutton Bland. This provides up to £50,000 of secondary cleaning and disinfection cover in the event that a producer member is required by DEFRA to undertake Secondary Cleansing and Disinfection as instructed by DEFRA following slaughter of free-range poultry. In addition to the limit per producer member, there is an overall limit for all claims under the insurance of £1,000,000 which is available on a ‘first come – first served’ basis.

Additional cover may also be purchased to meet individual requirements.

For further information regarding this beneficial advantage of membership please contact Edward Nottingham at Scrutton Bland on 01379 643444.