What we do

• Presenting the free range eggs case to DEFRA on all proposed legislation.

• Briefing journalists and the media about the benefits of free range.

• Providing vital membership benefits such as exclusive insurance cover, research project outcomes and legal support.

• Providing members with sales support, including stickers, leaflets, posters and the highly regarded ‘Free Range Awards’.

• Publishing the Ranger… the magazine of the free range sector.

• Helping with members’ problems by offering access to a wealth of knowledge based upon unrivalled practical experience.

• Providing a comprehensive website for members and consumers.


Your guarantee

Many free range egg producers belong to voluntary assurance schemes, the most well known being ‘RSPCA Assured’ which sets strict welfare requirements for the way hens are kept and the ‘Lion Code’ which also monitors welfare but in addition sets strict requirements for freshness and food safety. Other schemes which producers may belong to include Organic Farmers & Growers, the Soil Association Organic Standard, Laid in Britain or SALSA.

Under the National Control Programme (NCP) which came into being in 2009, all UK farms with more than 350 laying hens regularly test their flocks for salmonella and the majority of UK hens are vaccinated against Salmonella.

Your invitation

Many of Britain’s leading free range farmers are members of BFREPA, the British Free Range Egg Producers Association. We believe that our free range farming methods are the best in the world. We are proud of the way our flocks are kept and the quality of the eggs they produce. So we always welcome visitors to our farms and are happy to answer questions about free range.