Thursday 17 December 2015

£250 of free secondary cleansing and disinfection cover for members

BFREPA is pleased to give its members £50,000 of cover against the cost of secondary cleansing and disinfection (2C&D), with no increase in subscription this year, in the event of a member’s farm becoming victim of a notifiable AI infection. The market value of this cover is approximately £250 and covers the cost of following APHA protocols for 2C&D (on circa 10,000 hens at an estimated cost of approx. £5/bird).

The maximum cover of £50k per member is limited by an overall cover of £1m for the whole membership, which means that only the first twenty members would receive pay outs before the well ran dry. However in recent years AI outbreaks have been contained to one or two farms and it is hoped that, with the high levels of biosecurity currently in place on members’ farms, it is highly unlikely that twenty or more members’ farms will be affected at any one time.

Members who have already purchased 2C&D cover from their insurers will be able to scale back the amount insured if necessary at renewal but in most cases the amount of 2C&D cover available to the sector has been very limited. Some bigger producers have tried shopping around for more than £200k worth of cover but have found this to be the upper limit. Under these circumstances this extra cover comes as a handy top-up. As the same underwriter is providing all the 2C&D cover in the market, we have been told that there should not be any difficulties with insurers over a claim where there is more than one policy in place.

So BFREPA hopes that this new membership benefit will be valued by the vast majority of members who do not have 2C&D cover already in place. This should be adequate for members with up to 10,000 hens. Members with larger flocks or multiple sheds might want to consider taking out additional cover with Scrutton Bland (01206 838400).

Members should note that this cover will lapse if their subscriptions are not renewed on time or if their membership is not in the correct bracket; for example, this cover is only provided for producer members with up to date hen numbers and is not provided to associate members.