Joining BFREPA

Running a free range egg production unit is a 24 hours a day job. But while you are tied up on the farm there are, every day, events taking place that will impact upon the way you make your living.

The supermarkets are setting price levels and launching  strategies that will affect your income; legislators in Brussels and Whitehall are dictating new rules; packers are reviewing costs; and assurance bodies are implementing ever more
stringent requirements.

As an individual, it may seem impossible to have any influence over the decisions being made.

But there is a way. Hundreds of producers have already joined  together as the British Free Range Egg Producers Association and over the past 25 years the organisation has developed a key role in the UK egg industry, influencing legislation,  shaping policy and fighting for a fair deal for its members. Isn’t it time you joined them?

Here are a few reasons why you should be a member of BFREPA

•  We are the only organisation that exists solely to represent the interests of free range egg producers.
•  We have a dedicated Chief Executive whose main function is to raise the profile of BFREPA and represent your interests at the highest levels.
•  We meet regularly with the major packers and strive to ensure a fair deal for our members.
•  We are consulted by DEFRA on all proposed legislation that could affect your business and are represented on the NFU Headquarters Poultry Committee, the British Egg Industry Council (Lion) and on the RSPCA’s standards group.
•  We produce the Ranger – a lively and informative monthly publication that reports on all matters free range. We also keep members up to date through an additional e-newsletter and provide urgent or up to the minute news via a text service.
•  We have a comprehensive website packed full of advice and information to help your business, which includes a ‘Members Only’ area where you can download membership certification for you or your customers, make use of a classified ads section to buy or sell, calculate your farm production costings and benchmark these against the average BFREPA producer and read back copies of the Ranger magazine. Services are always expanding so visit and see the latest available.
•  We hold the BFREPA Annual Conference which is now the largest egg industry event in the UK, organise the coveted Free Range Awards every year and hold a popular annual Calendar photographic competition.
•  Isotope testing of origin of eggs is now possible thanks to BFREPA members
•  BFREPA members benefit from free initial legal consultations, exclusive insurance packages and subsidised training courses. £50k AI secondary cleaning & disinfection cover worth £125.00 is currently free to all members.
•  We have launched a generic free range egg promotion campaign to the consumer which includes a new ‘Love Free Range Eggs’ website. Take a look at
•  When it comes to practical knowledge our experience is unrivalled…the answer to your problem may only be a phone call away.  Ask any of our Council members if you need help or advice.

Members also receive free personal  for sale and wanted adverts

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